Thursday, 7 July 2011

Phoenix Elite - Officially Open!

Hey hey,

Yep you heard right.....Phoenix Elite MMA & Conditioning is now officially open for you to come down and train your heart out! We've come up with some great classes and have some great coaches to take you through your paces all while learning great technique AND developing your skills.  Ross MacLeod, our director and also coach to many of the classes at the moment including Boxing, MMA and Fight Fit Conditioning.  We have the young star Jesse Booth taking our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes, Phil, a purple belt, kicking butts in his BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) class and Paul, supervising our Open Mat classes on Saturdays.  Last but certainly not least, we have Damon Kelly, yep that's right, the Commonwealth Gold medalist and currently ranked 9th in the world for Weightlifitng, taking our awesome Power Lifting classes.
With the timetable set to expand as of next week and continue to grow from there, there is plently of variety to get you out of bed on those cold mornings and to motivate you after that hard day of work!

Our timetable visions include, yoga with top quality instructors who have travelled the world to learn the art, a flexibility and conditioning class taken by our very own Laura Bamford who has trained in the arts of Ballet, Tap and Jazz (along with all sorts in between) for 15 years, only to be accompanied by unique classes that are only heard of in the UK and USA and this is just to name a few!
If you're not impressed yet, we also have all of your traditional training equipment, leg press, lat pulldown, dumbells, treadmills, spin bikes and rowers and that's not even the whole list!  And of course we couldn't get any old equipment, only the best Hammer Strength equipment will do! (Gym's sexy!) We have a full size MMA cage - think UFC & the much loved 'Ultimate Fighter' series & for all you MMA lovers, 90 sqm of grappling mats.  Boxers, no need to be disappointed....we have boxing bags, tear drop bags and all the necessities for an unbelievable boxing based workout. 
For the modern, fitness craze following, Crossfit and caveman training lovers, we've got Kettlebells, Tractor tyres and battle ropes at the very least!

So in short, we have something for EVERYONE, EVERY level, EVERY style!  Not to mention the luxuries, like our 'Healthly Breakfast Bar' to keep your nutrition in check and a membership option that includes a personal training session per week!

So tell your friends and tell your acquaintances and come down and have a look.  You can even try your first class for FREE!

We'd love to see you, we'd love to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals, we'd love to help you learn new skills!!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in fitness

The Phoenix Elite Team!

ps....if you haven't already checked out our website it's (photos & videos coming soon - we only opened Friday so give us a chance!) you can see some photos @

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