Monday, 11 June 2012

It's the Final Countdown

Tomorrow is D day and tonight we are spending the night watching Judge Judy in our cosy hotel room.

'I was a little bit nervous this morning' Ross said to me over breakfast.
'but I'm not anymore'

So, I guess for him too its starting to become a bit closer to reality.
That was quickly followed by,
'I have no reason to be nervous, I'm just going to go in there and give it my all. After all, it's a TV show and there are a thousand and one reasons I may not get accepted'.

Which is all very true. Me being the supportive girlfriend (well trying very hard to be) I agreed and reassured.

But, I think that underneath he may be starting to 'think' about it, with the 'snaps' that I expected starting to happen.
All be it over minuscule things, like, going to the gym today and thinking his stomach is 'flabby' (yes even Macleod has these real life paranoias). Me trying very hard not to say the wrong thing, this is a subject that comes up in our household often, from both parties, and one that we both try to tread lightly around, but this particular time I said the wrong thing. Everyone shortly recovered.
As I've said numerous times, Ross doesn't get stressed and when he does, it's reason for concern. Glad to say, there's not one little ounce of stress present.

The dislocated thumb, bruised, infected finger (this doesn't give it justice, it's pretty gross) and the bad knees are not distracting him nor should they be. He knows what he's doing, he's done it a thousand times before and he knows he's good at it. He knows he's got the skills to give him the right to be there.

To finish where we started, he will go in there and just give it his all. The outcome we will know tomorrow.

Good luck Macleod, you got this shit in the bag!
Enjoy the experience and the opportunity and just be thankful you were invited to be a part of it.
Wise words of your young counter part whom you probably don't want advice from but i know everyones thinking the same!

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