Sunday, 10 June 2012

Two outta three ain't bad

Well its not been the most enjoyable start to our little adventure. Our plane ride was less than average, with 3 of possibly the most 'bogan' women sitting behind us. I think it's necessary for me to share their story with you because everyone else on the plane had to endure an hour and a half of it.
'7 in a row, 7 in a row, 7 in a row' said, this is not a made up name...instead one that everyone learnt during the trip.
And you guessed it.....state of origin folks, dressed head to toe in their Broncos outfits, discussing players, 'entering enemy territory', plucking their eyebrows and their ages for all to hear. Yep, it was such a relaxing flight, not helped by the fact that we took off during some rain and had a few bumpy spots, so I was FREAKING out! (I don't particularly enjoy flying at the best of times).

We then arrived at our hotel for the night. We found where we thought it should be, stood on the curb outside a bar that was cleaning up last nights mess at 7am in the morning, with 2 old guys wearing leather (pleather I should say) jackets, smoking their cigarettes out the front.
We scratched our heads for a good 10 mins....this couldn't possibly be it!
Mmmm, it was...... And as tired and irritable as we were, weren't able to check in until 2pm, it was 8am.

So we ended up having quite an enjoyable day, wandered about Sydney, in the rain, went to the movies to kill some time, (most expensive movie tickets we've ever bought!).

We did finally check into the hotel, which has turned out to be not too bad, despite the leaking window.... : /

My good friend works at the 'Red Lantern' where he arranged for us to go to dinner. It was a surprise when we got there that it was THE Red Lantern, the one from Masterchef or Ready Steady Cook, or perhaps both not really sure. We like to pretend we know a lot about food, but we don't actually. It was MacLeods brilliant idea to walk the 1.9km in the rain to the restaurant, so we were quite the sight when we arrived.
The food was amazing, and well worth the walk but, being us, there is always something to happen or go wrong....

I lost my credit card.....yep you heard it folks, silly Bamford put it in her pocket and must have dropped it on the walk.
Let's blame Ross seeing as he's the one that made us walk in the first place!
But now that we're home, we've had it cancelled and the world is ok again.
We do however, recommend that if you're ever in Sydney, go to the 'Red Lantern'. It's not a restaurant to go to when you're watching your pennies, but doesn't break the bank either! Would definitely visit again. Oh, and don't risk your only source of money in the pocket of your skinny jeans...

But I suppose you wanna hear about how the main man is doing?
Well nothing too exciting to report. Being very humble, is completely 'normal' and it's just like we're here for a holiday (which I guess we kinda are).
He informed me today that only 30 lightweights were chosen to come down and tryout, which he was very flattered by. This also means competition is harder.
Ross being Ross, he's not really phased.
It's a great opportunity for him and our small little gym.

It has however started to become reality for me....i had a little 'moment' in the ladies at a shopping mall today.

What am I going to do if he gets in?

How will little Murphy and I live without their favourite man for 12 weeks?

What's going to happen with the gym?
(and that one just opens a whole kettle of fish).

It's been a long road to this point and we've been through much harder things than this. Despite all of the above I hope MacLeod gets through to represent his country (be that his real or adopted one), his gym (our gym...) and himself.
I hope he finally gets the chance to live the dream he's worked so hard for.

More on the fighter and less on the holiday soon!

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